What is Respelt?

Respelt is a free online spelling checker whose most distinguishable feature is its power to spell check your entire website. Moreover, not only does it check your documents, but it also scans your web pages and even RSS feeds. Today, when sites are often judged in the blink of an eye, you want to make a good first impression, and Respelt will make sure you do not have any annoying spelling errors. In addition, misspellings lower your website's search engine ranking. By using Respelt, you will not have to worry about those things anymore.

What's so nice about it?

First of all, it is completely free. By creating an account, you also get your own personal dictionary that you can use to teach Respelt about the words it mistakenly qualifies as spelling errors. Besides scanning your documents and RSS feeds, this handy tool can also spell check your full website quickly.

Finally, the best way to use Respelt is probably to just enter the URL of your RSS feed, and Respelt will check your site or blog every day and notify you of any spelling errors it finds.

How do I start?!

Just click here to register for an account - It is FREE and takes less than a minute! After you have logged in, you can add RSS feeds of your sites, and Respelt will send you an email if it finds any spelling errors in your articles.

Use Respelt to spell check your website, RSS feeds and documents online - It’s as easy as pie!